Thursday, March 27, 2014

The ULTIMATE Detroit Real Estate Market Research Resource!

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Introducing 'The Detroit Real Estate Master Market Report - A dynamic compilation of the latest housing statistics and demographics'.

This one-of-a-kind exclusive market report contains a wealth of information for sophisticated investors:

  • Instant access to the 'city proper' stats and data that you need to know now
  • Instant access to the 2013 sales prices, # of sold and sales volume for all active Detroit zip codes
  • Instant access to the 2013 rental rates for each subdivision
  • Instant access to zip code demographics and pertinent housing statistics and more!

This special report is jam packed with the most recent and relevant sales and housing statistics and demographics available.

With quick reference bookmarks for fast and easy data review, this will remove the guesswork for you and makes it easy for you to determine the best areas to invest your money.

This is the invaluable insider information that you need (and wish you had) to be truly successful and make real money in Detroit real estate!

Every serious Detroit real estate investor must have this report as a mandatory reference and research resource.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

To Detroit Real Estate Investors who live out of state...

Hi Friend,

You deserve to know the truth about the Detroit properties that you will be investing in.You deserve to know all you can find out about the area, the neighborhood, the neighbors, the residents. You deserve to know how the locals feel about the areas and neighborhoods that the properties are located in. You deserve to know these things before you invest your hard earned money in a city that you are not familiar with.

You need to be made aware of not only the great rewards but also the great risks involved in investing in Detroit real estate. You need to have the inside track and boots on the ground. You need to have somebody that is watching out for you and your best interests. You need somebody who was born and raised in Detroit and who knows the city like the back of their hand. You need somebody who will tell you the unbiased truth about your properties, the neighborhoods, the areas, the local market conditions and the true market values. You need not only someone who is licensed, experienced and professional but also someone who has direct knowledge of the neighborhoods and direct access to the pertinent information that you need to make a well informed buying decision.
My name is Anthony Legins, Detroit Real Estate Expert and Author of 'The Detroit Real Estate Handbook - Everything You Need To Know Before Investing In Detroit Real Estate'.I am also the CEO and Principle Associate Broker for RBS Real Estate located in Detroit, MI.

As a lifelong Detroit area resident and licensed real estate professional for the past 10 years, I am in a unique position to offer you incredible and knowledgable insight into the Detroit real estate market. Not only can I provide you property analysis, reports, and videos, I can provide you inside direct knowledge about your properties and the neighborhoods they are in.

I have lived in the city and own and manage properties through out the city. I still have good friends and family that live in the city. In most cases, if an area is questionable, I can easily make a phone call for you to few different people I know who will tell me the 'real deal' inside scoop on the area. And of course, I do all of these things to serve you.

While there are great areas of opportunity and the numbers look good on paper and the Google Earth photos look OK, there are many areas that are known by local residents as undesirable to live. It may be because of safety, theft, drugs or heavy blight.You name it. But you need and deserve to know this type of inside knowledge because you will be renting to local residents. If you buy in the wrong area or on the wrong block, you will face difficult vacancies and your property may sit unoccupied and open to neighborhood thieves and squatters. Then your money is down the drain.

The good news is that this doesn't have to happen with you. I provide a wide variety of services to assist you. You deserve first rate, quality service provided by an experienced and local professional who will consult you. I provide this and much more. You will feel safe and secure that you are making a good investment decision. You will know that you are not investing in a 'war zone' area or a property with a crumbling foundation surrounded by vacant and abandoned properties.

What I would like to do is talk to you, one-on-one, or with a group of your friends and discuss with you briefly about the realities of the Detroit real estate market. I would like to share with you the rewards and the risks and how to best safeguard your investment. I would like to talk with you, discuss your investment goals, your ideas and your strategies and share my knowledge and insight with you. I would like to discuss with you the services I provide and why they make sense and can potentially save you $1000s.

Until then, good luck and I sincerely wish you success in your investing endeavors!

Anthony Legins

Skype: thedetroitexpress
Office: 313-757-2375
P.S. If you need immediate service and would like to action now, you can review the services I offer here.

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