Tuesday, November 19, 2019

9 Things More Important Than Capital - From The World Is Your By Jim Rohn

9 Things More Important Than Capital (Money)

This is an inspiring essay written by the late great Mr. Jim Rohn and read word for word by Anthony Legins.

In this incredible message, Mr. Jim Rohn lays out the secret to going from having just a $1.00 and a dream to becoming a millionaire!

Very much worth your time and attention now!

Please listen and share!

The book 'The World Is Yours: 26 Essays On Life and Success' is available on Amazon or at this link:

I am not affliate and will not receive any compensation from your order. I just truly hope that you invest in yourself and benefit from Mr. Jim Rohn's wisdom and practical ideas.

Anthony is a real estate coach and mentor with a Passion to help others become successful in real estate.

He is a licensed real estate broker, licensed residential builder, developer, investor and consultant with 15 plus years experience.

He has authored several realestate books and was featured in the #1 Best Selling Real Estate book 'Top Agent - Volume 2 - Stories of Success From Industry Leading Real Estate Professionals'.

"I believe that I can and will help make you successful (or more successful) in your real estate career!"

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